Recognition & Discipline Post-Assessment - S. Arendt (2012)

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Dear Manager or Supervisor,

The goal of this project is to develop strategies to motivate employees to follow safe food practices. This is a research study and your participation is strictly voluntary. All data collected will be kept confidential; no personal identifiers will be attached to the feedback data you provide. You may discontinue at any time and skip any questions you do not feel comfortable answering. Return of a completed questionnaire indicates your willingness to participate in this study. To ensure confidentiality to the extent permitted by law, the following measures will be taken: 1) questionnaire responses will remain completely anonymous and no identifiers will be used 2) only the identified researchers will have access to the study records and 3) study records will be kept in a locked office. There are no foreseeable risks at this time from participating in this study. You will not have any costs from participating in this study and you will not be compensated for participating in this study. It will take about 10-15 minutes to answer the questions. Information gathered will be used for purposes of modifying training modules. Only summary data will be used in publications or presentations about this research. We believe that this research project will provide very useful information for foodservice operations. Once the project is complete, we will provide educational modules. Some of the educational pieces will be developed in both English and Spanish and will be posted on the web. If you have questions regarding this questionnaire or if you would like a summary of research findings, please contact Dr. Arendt at 515-294-7575 or email her at Thank you for your assistance with this project!


Susan W. Arendt, PhD, RD
Catherine H. Strohbehn, PhD, RD, CP-FS